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Common Daily Habits That Are Affecting Your Back

When we think of job-related back pain, we normally consider strenuous jobs that involve heavy lifting, a lot of standing, or even too much walking about but they fail to consider the major contributing factor to job-related back pain and that is sitting in one place all day. 

If you have a job that involves sitting in one place all day, this article is for you. Learn about its effects and what you can do to control it.

Why do Sedentary jobs cause back pain?

There's nothing that causes back pain more than sitting in a bad posture, Experts have said that when you don't sit very well, it will add more pressure to your back than even when you are sitting. when you sit badly, it doesn't just affect your back but also affect your neck, your hip flexors, your hamstring, and even your pelvis. This is the major reason why people who have to sit almost all day at the workplace end up having back pain. 

Over time, the poor posture affects the spinal ligaments and its discs, which can lead to excessive pain as well as a restriction in walking about.

How to combat severe back pain at the workplace

One very big and important thing to do in your workplace to prevent back pain is walking about, this is very important. It is advisable for you to walk about often and try to shift your position regularly.

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 In the case, where walking is not possible always shift your position regularly as this makes a huge difference. Another thing to do is learning to sit properly while working. The correct posture involves not tilting your head too forward, your shoulders should be leveled, your back is not rounded and your elbows are not too far from your body.

If possible, get a comfortable or ergonomic chair, desk and even keyboard as this will ensure that your back pain doesn't worsen. 

Exercises that can help combat chronic back pain

There are two major exercises that can help one combat chronic pain, the first will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and also the back while the second set will help in stretching and relieving tense muscles.

Yoga, Tai chi, and pilates are excellent options that one can try out to help combat the pains, as you get more familiar with it, it will be a lot easier to incorporate few stretches in your daily activities and also even at work.

People who have some underlying conditions may need to consult their doctors before doing any strenuous exercise but with proper guidance, it is still possible to exercise.

If you are dealing with severe back pain especially from keeping a sedentary job, it is possible for you to handle it by making changes to the way you seat, your posture at work, trying to take walks around the office sometimes, getting comfortable office working equipment and also doing some good and helpful exercises that can help you straighten yourself.

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