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3 keys to becoming successful in life.

Success is an agenda that every living creature must attain to in life. Success gives rise to a fulfilled and happy life. Though most people have misinterpreted success as only amazing of wealth and riches. But such mindset is not a full definition of success because there are lots of men that are rich but lack real happiness.

3 key of becoming successful:

1. Knowing your purpose in life: You must discover your purpose in life and trend on its path for your successful achievement in life. Walking and working towards your purposeful path, naturally attracts success.

2. Growing to reach your maximum potential: Everyone that is in existence, has one potential or the other which is an inheritance from God. But it is quite unfortunate that not everyone is striving hard to develop these potentials to becoming of great importance and yielding profits.

3. Sowing seeds that will benefit others: A friend shared with me on how his #5000 selfless seed he sowed in a life of his friend attracted an alert of #105,000 to him. But it is disheartening that most people nowadays, find it hard to sow selflessly in the life of other people. Everyone now wants to sow seeds that will ensure a reward for them.

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