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4 reasons you are better off being self employed

We've heard real stories of persons that left huge paying Jobs to start off on their own and often times many people would sit around waiting to hear that they've folded up but boom they become established and even grow their businesses to several other places.

Being self employed is the best decision anyone can ever make if and only if you're success driven.

Here are 7 reasons why being a self employed is the best decision ever:

1. You're your own boss: No one likes being ordered around, everyone loves the title "Sir" and being self employed has one of those benefits. You schedule your own time and manage resources the way you like. Remember, your success will also be determined by these factors.

2. You earn more money: Unlike being a salary earner whereby even if you work excellently and relentlessly your salary remains the same at the end of the month, a self employed can earn profitably depending on how industrious he is.

That is, the more work you do, the more money you earn and the sweetest part is that the money is all yours.

3. You get to specialize in what you truly love

Many working class would truthfully say it isn't their dream Job. But what choice do they have?

Being self employed, you build a business you love and grow it industriously because it feels like you're doing an everyday hobby.

Don't get me wrong, there would surely be challenges but your passion helps pull through it.

4. You're more valued

No matter how small your business is, being self employed increases your value as a person.

 You get credit for your own work. And, through your ongoing marketing efforts, you’ve even started to earn some name recognition, not just among your long-time clients, but from complete strangers as well. To start up a business isn't so easy and the most trying times is building the business but it's the best decision in the long run.

Truthfully, being self employed is a fantastic lifestyle. 

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