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Everlasting Jobs and Skills

Despite the immense widespread of computer application in almost every section of life, somebody can easily conclude that this sect of jobs and skills will last forever as it requires human intellects for it to function in accordance.


Human Resource Managers: They are responsible for staffing, development, compensation, safety, health, employing and labor relations. Also they lead and give directions on the routine functions of the Human Resource department which also includes enforcing company policies and practices. So choosing this career is advisable as the intellect required can only be met by humans.

Sales Manager: Tasked with assigning sales territories, setting quotas, mentoring the members of her sales team, designating sales training, building sales plan and employing or displacing salespeople. So this is career job opportunity that can be obtained by studying business related sources and their services will always be needed irrespective of how evolved the technology world is.

Marketing Managers: This is an aspect that mostly required human intellect as no technology transformation can manage it at all. They are employed to attract customers in mass to buy from the company and elevate brand awareness through market campaigns.

Public Relations Managers: Here is another field that can only be managed mainly by humans, they are entrust with maintaining a favored public figure for their employers. They answered to media questions and narrating stories to the media, and also organizes press conferences.

Event Planners: Undoubtedly you can’t count this out because even if robots are built with all intellect they can’t think and this is what make human ahead as a creation. It can be skill or job whichever one it is, it’ll always be needed every time. They help to structure an event, arrange all the moving parts and ensure everybody has a good time at an occasion.

Writers: Even though there are some applications that can juice up words nowadays, that doesn’t mean this could be replaced it can only be helpful. Writers are those that write to produce output i.e. literary work. They bring you closer to whatever you are reading about.

Software Developers: Definitely they will last forever because computers cannot build applications themselves they can only be used by humans to build software that are compatible to our lifestyles. Software developers are those who designed software to perform some functions.

These are the everlasting Job I figured out, do you agree with me or you have a contrary opinion. 



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