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Four Ways You Should Treat Your Customers As A Tailor

Every fashion designer should learn customer ethics and how to retain customers.

This article will give you some tips that will help you relate well with your customers.

 As a tailor, there are certain things you must remember when you are working with clients all over the world.

It is very essential to note that your non-verbal communication when relating to those who are your customers will be responsible for the growth of your business.

Your facial expressions, general body movements, and hand gestures can actually be interpreted by some meticulous customers and colleagues who really want to know if they are welcome in your shop or not. 


They could tell if you're happy or not just by observing your body language. Please try your best to have a body language that communicates hospitality and friendliness. This will actually help people to feel comfortable around you, and having a nice body language can bring new customers, not just retain those you already have.

Positive Attitude: Your attitude determines how far you go in life. Learn how to apologise to your customers even if they are wrong. Remember that there won't be any business without customers. 

Intentional appearance is another thing you should consider when relating to your customers. Your appearance should be very welcoming. Put on a nice dress and welcome every customer who comes to your shop with a smile. If you are always busy to the extent that you can't welcome your customers, please get somebody to do it.


You need to exhibit very strong communication skills.

Speaking to people is a very difficult skill, but you have to master it, whether it is to one, two, or three people, a recorded video which would be posted online, or a very large audience. The communication skills you will need as a fashion designer are highly important to master. For you to learn how to communicate properly with your clients, you have to read books frequently, attend different workshops and seminars, then practice speaking in front of a mirror. Communication skills are important because if you don't know how to speak to your customers, there's no way you'll be able to retain them.

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