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I Am A Student But I Work As A Laborer Because I Don’t Like Begging People For Urgent N2K –Jennifer

A 200-level Student of the University of Benin, Jennifer Efemonghe granted an interview with Legit tv to talk about her experiences and what motivated her to start working as a Laborer while she was in school. Jennifer Efemonghe became a viral sensation on social media when her photos/videos surfaced the internet. The beautiful young lady was seen working at a construction site, despite the fact that she is a Student and this touched the hearts of many people.

She was recently featured in an interview with Legit TV, read what she has to say about her hustle.

During the interview, Jennifer discloses that she is a very shy person and she does not like asking people for money. She said she does not like to bother her parents for money to settle her bills, so she works to get her own money. She started working as a laborer while she was in the University when she came across a construction site at the back of her School hostel. The site was in her school vicinity but she did not mind what her friends would say about it because she needed the money.

She convinced the engineer at the site that she can do the work and that was how she started working at the site to earn money to fend for herself rather than begging people for money. ‘When my course-mates, my roommates and my neighbors came outside, they were like ‘nah Jennifer be that o’ and they started laughing at me.’- Jennifer says. She said she felt embarrassed when her classmates mocked her for her hustle but she did not allow that to stop her.

Jennifer working at the construction site behind her former school hostel

Jennifer said she was working at the site getting paid N4, 000 and sometimes N1, 250 depending on the work she did until the fateful day she became a viral sensation. She was just working at the site as usual but she just felt like taking pictures of herself hustling at the construction site one day. She uploaded those pictures on twitter and within the snap of a finger, thousands of people engaged with her post. She started receiving cash donations, commendations and other things from those who saw her post.

People were really impressed by what she does even though she is a Student. That was how Jennifer became a viral sensation on social media. Her story started taking turns on different news platforms, blogs et al.

Jennifer said that working as a laborer was the only job that was available then when she needed the money. She had to combine working at the construction site with her education. She said she was even working at the site during her examination period but she managed the two together.

Despite working at the site, Jennifer said she is still convinced that she will graduate with a First-class. She said that what keeps her going is the fear of having to beg people for ‘urgent N2K’. Jennifer says she is very proud of herself. She does not need to beg anyone for ‘urgent N2K’ when she needs money.

Click here to watch her interview

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