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Create Money-spinning Ventures With Your Salary

A money-spinning venture can be viewed as an investment that serves as a dependable source of steady income. Salary on the other hand, can simply be viewed as fixed monthly payments made to employees by their employers. In my opinion, salaries are like milking cows which can either be raised for milk production or consumed as beef. When raised for milk production, they serve as a steady source of income over a long period of time. The income generated can be used for purchasing beef over the same period. However, when consumed as beef, it serves as food and the benefit is just for a short period of time. Photo Credit:

Years ago, salary earners lived comfortable lives and were envied by many in the society. Parents gave their children quality education in order to ensure that they got good jobs and in turn earn good salaries. The story is fast changing today. Recent findings reveal the fact that most salary earners find it difficult to make ends meet. A precarious situation that has pushed many into saying that their take home pays cannot take them home. Many employees today clamour for salary increment to be able to cope with the increasing demands of life. The increase in the demand for money by employees can be traced to inflation, increased responsibilities, strong desire for a better future, social class, socio-cultural values etc. Photo Credit:

However, Salaries can be used to create money spinning ventures through wise or knowledgeable investment decisions. In other words, one can deploy on a monthly basis, a fixed or significant part of one’s salary into business ventures that can later become dependable sources of steady income. Some analysts are of the opinion that at least ten percent of one’s salary be set aside each month for investment purposes. Low income earners might view this recommendation as impossible or as a herculean task but if embraced, one will eventually be thankful for it. The richest men in the world are not salary earners but owners of cash cow business ventures. Photo Credit:

Coca-Cola a drink that was originated in 1886 by John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist who lived in Atlanta USA; a product that later became phenomenally successful is a good example of a money spinning venture. For decades it generated income for its owners and still continues to drawing outstanding profits to this day. You may never be able to determine how far the results of a good investment decision may go. The Coca-Cola story stands out as food for thought for all. Coca-Cola remains a money spinning venture for its owners to this very day. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22). Photo Credit:

There is a great need for salary earners to engage perpetually the practice of deploying parts of their incomes for investment purposes. The Bible tells us to do our planting in the morning and in the evening, too. You never know whether all you have planted will grow well or whether one planting will do better than the other (Ecclesiastes 11:6). Photo Credit:

You can create money spinning ventures by doing the following:

1.    Saving parts of your monthly income in cooperative societies, thrift contributions or banks in order to take advantage of investment opportunities.

2.    Depending on your income level; you can start small and grow big.

3.    After starting a business venture, it is advisable to delay your gratification by re-investing profits till the business grows to a satisfactory level. Photo Credit:

4.    You must never stop acquiring relevant knowledge that can help you accomplish success in your business ventures.

5.    Avoid get rich quick schemes

It is hoped that the information supplied in this post will be highly beneficial to many. If so, kindly share with friends and loved ones and please leave a comment below.

God bless you.


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