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Three basic principles of success.

Success is the vital ingredient that is needed in life for a healthy living. All lives on earth strives to be successful in all ramifications, that's why everyone is always busy hustling, even without resting at most of the times. However, some people end up becoming successful while others find it hard to attain to success.

But it is quite appalling that most of the youths venture into ungodly means, in order to accumulate wealth and to attain to success because they have failed to learn and understand the true way and basic principles of success. It is true that, they will amass wealth but they can never be truly successful because success flows from God and not from Satan.

However, here are three basic principles of success:

1. Training: Anyone who wants to be successful, must be trained in order to be compatible with the business or work that he is venturing into. This training comprises of ways in which new ideas for success can be generated when there's a turndown in the economy which might try to affect the progress of the work.

2. Hardworking: No lazy man succeed in this world. Because from the formation of the world till date, the principle of success has been on hardworking, which was the reason why God taught Adam how to till the ground in the garden of Eden.

3. Prayer: We are in the spiritual age in which physical events are been orchestrated and determined by spiritual men (either positive or negative men). A man of prayer is a spiritual man, that determines his own physical events. Hence it is hard for spiritual forces to attack the flow of success of a prayerful man.

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