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Here Are Reasons Why Young Nigerians Are Looking For Work In European Countries.

More and more young Nigerians are leaving the country for Europe in searching for a better life. 

 In the past young people with no life experience were more likely to embark on this perilous journey, following the desert or boats crossing the sea.

Although many deaths have been reported due to the hardships associated with this journey, ranging from drowning and abductions and it does not discourage others from embarking on the trip.

But today the story goes beyond that chapter, because it is the professionals who now go to Europe to seeks for a better life.

Although if we look at the situation of the country over a year we will see that the number of people that are unemployed are become more and more on a daily bases.

In addition to these people traveling to the UK, there are those who are reportedly struggling to find work in Saudi Arabia and are many are doctors.


A medical professional working in the UK, told the interviewer that there were a number of factors involved in the movement of medical professionals abroad, especially in the UK.

Firstly Lack of equipment to save lives is one of the main reasons why doctors in Nigeria are immigrant to Europe, sometimes due to disagreements with the government and non-payment of salaries.

The interference they often experience while undergoing training, in addition to the biggest concern is the insecurity they also face.

example are some of the doctors who were abducted in Zaria in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria who were on duty before they were abducted by gunmen. 

Looking for a better life

I spoke to a Canadian resident who has studied Business Admin and said there is no reasons for him to stay in Nigeria and work because of the benefits in countries like Canada.

There are three main benefits to work abroad, first of all, you have to be confident in your work.

Secondly, a good salary, which is enough to take care of your family and take care of other basic needs. 

There is a good life in Europe, although not only Nigerians are going to Europe for the job, if you are there you will see different people from different countries.

Conflict between government and employee, especially the doctors is not something that will help the health sector

these doctors had to leave Nigeria because of the conditions in which they worked.

Lack of equipment is one of the major things that burn many doctors' lives. You read something in a book but you can't put it into practice.

The health system has been shut down in the first place, this has made the lesser one like malaria to go to the hospital which is also wrong, it is more work for doctors who have to look after the big problems.

In a system approved by the WHO, one doctor will see 600 patients in a year, but today in Nigeria one doctor is examining 6,000 patients.

In my view, if Nigeria's system of infrastructure had been reformed, they would have stop leaving the country.

If the attractions in Nigeria are to be created they will inevitably stop going anywhere. They also want their country to develop and to contribute to well-being of the country.

Content created and supplied by: Muhaliyu (via Opera News )

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