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Opinion: Endorsement Deals Could Affect The Careers of New Celebrities

Endorsement deals are the new career goals. 

It's like a certifier that one has arrived due to the mouthwatering financial perks, which in some cases have been rumoured to be to the tune of several millions.

Since it has become the symbol of celebrity value, nowadays brand deals are no longer signed behind closed doors and published by the media.

As we've seen in recent times, a professional video shoot is usually arranged to capture the celebrity getting out of a car, signing on the dotted line, and shaking hands with a team.

While this brand ambassadorship trend has its benefits, in my opinion it could also affect the careers of emerging celebrities. The products of reality TV shows and most especially, annual singing competitions.

Because, on leaving these competitions, they fall into the waiting arms of several brands. 

We praise them for bagging cool deals, they themselves bask in the euphoria of being highly sought-after brand ambassadors. 

They talk about a range of products on Instagram and also make appearances at their corporate events for these brands.

And everything looks good.

But while promoting a variety of brands, some might forget that they have a limited period of relevance before they're replaced by a new set of faces from the same competition that spun them into stars. 

Sometimes they get wrapped up in the brand influencer thing, and don't remember to build 'real' lasting careers with the huge platform they strived so hard to get, believing that their celebrity life is anchored on the juicy deals they've been able to secure.

But endorsement deals aren't designed to last forever.

Moreover, behind these brands are business-minded executives who may want a fresh face only for their period of relevance.

And then when these celebrities decide to dust their talents and put it to use much later, they might not get as much attention from the public as they would've gotten when they first emerged as stars. Because they didn't strike while the metal was hot.

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