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4 Lucrative Businesses For Women And Mothers

With the current economic instability in the country, many people especially women have been searching for different ways to make a living. There are so many jobs out there for everyone, you do not need to wear a suit in order to look for a job somewhere else, you can always set up your own business and manage it by yourself. As a woman, it is best you be independent and make stable income with little or no stress. Below are some lucrative businesses women and mothers can both benefit from:

Open a Frozen Food Shop

No doubt, one of the most sought-after shops in Nigeria are frozen food shops. We must keep in mind that Nigerians love it when their meals are fresh from the cold room. If you're looking for a way to make money, then frozen food shop would definitely do the trick for you.

Cosmetic Store

This is one job any and every woman can do. Women love cosmetics and fashion products, if as a woman you make yourself available to render services like makeup artistry, nail fixing and some other beauty treatments, money wouldn't be that much of a problem for you anymore because you are making stable income from the skills you have acquired.


This involves writing articles and publications for people and companies. If you can get a very good freelancing company, it is very possible to make lots of money from just writing good articles. However, in order to go into this form of business, you must be very skilled at English.

Pastry and Baking

Nigerians love to party and enjoy baked goods, which means that any woman can make lots of money from just baking something as small as puff puff or doughnuts. The rate at which weddings and burials are held every other weekend, making money shouldn't be the problem for a woman engaged in pastry and baking or any other form of catering.

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