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Every Christian Worker Should Take Note Of This Amazing Secret For Carrying Out Their Government Job

In the previous chapters, I have been explaining about how our God-given purpose on this earth is management, and how effective management is expressed through our work. Just as God set Adam to work tilling the soil in the Garden, so He sets us to work in many different ways.

However, it is altogether too easy to confuse your divinely ordained work with your income-producing job or career. We call our jobs our “work.” We say, “I’m going to work now,” or “I’ll do that after work.” And when we lose our jobs, which usually means entering into a time of personal crisis, we say, “I am out of work.Have you lost your job recently? Are you out of work right now? I want to assure you that no, you’re not “out of work.” In this chapter, I will help you tell the difference between your job and your workJobs Versus Work

Your job is what you were trained to do. You may have gone to school to learn your job. On your job, you have certain duties, and you get paid for doing them. But as you well know, your employer can always find somebody else who has been trained to do that particular job, or your boss can decide that a person is no longer needed to do that job. All too easily, you can be replaced, laid off, or fired. Sometimes the company you work for will fail and close its doors. Hence, we also need to think about our true work, our purpose in life, our God-given assignment. Whether you are currently job-hunting or happily employed, you should spend just as much time trying to find yourself as you spend trying to find a job or satisfy the people you work for. Shift your thinking. If you can find yourself, you will gain a new perspective on what you were created to do on this earth

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Adam Christian


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