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Excellence is an adventure not a destination - Dr Paul Enenche




By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the adventurous journey of excellence; Understanding what it entails to successfully walk the walk of excellence

Excellence is an adventure not a destination; excellence is an adventure not an achievement.

The reason why excellence is an adventure and not an arrival/destination is because what is celebrated today may only be tolerated tomorrow

Everything that is visible, audible and tangible is improvable

A wise man said, ‘The largest room in the universe is the room for improvement’.

Excellence is a journey you are on, not a place you arrive at.

Excellence is an adventure of life, not a destination of life.


1. Decision for excellence

Excellence is a choice you make, not a gift you have.

No one excels until he or she decides.

There is no destination of life without a decision from man

Those who leave life to chance have no chance; it takes a choice to stand out in life

You can never be on the journey of excellence without your decision, permission and participation.

It is a choice to make

It is the decision of excellence that begins the adventure of excellence

2. Association with the excellent (Prov. 13:20; Acts 4:13)

It is clear throughout Scripture that company affects quality and destiny

The value of your life is determined by the quality of people around you

The value you possess and produce is a function of the value of people you associate with

You are not doing anything about your destiny until you are doing something about your company

It is not possible to walk in excellence if you are surrounded by mediocrity

A wise man once said, take a look at the 7 people that speak into your life the most, and you are face to face with your future

No matter how hard you try, your network of people affects your net worth

3. Attention to details (Gen. 40:1-6)

Attention to details gave Joseph distinction in Egypt

When you ignore attention to details, progress in life is detained.

Joseph would have remained in prison far longer than he did if he did not pay attention to details

Minor details are the precursor for major differences.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the extra

Ordinary people do normal things, extraordinary people do extra things; they go the extra mile

4. Intolerance of mediocrity (Dan. 1:8; Rom. 12:1-2)

To live an excellent life or to excel in life, you must be intolerant of mediocrity and allergic to average

Refuse to manage anything that is not the best; refuse the language of ‘this is good enough’

Are you patient with mediocrity? Maybe you don’t want people to think your own is too much, but conformity is the enemy of destiny

Conformity is the enemy of destiny and conformity is the enemy of originality

It is better to walk alone than to walk with the wrong crowd

It is important to take a stand even if you have to stand alone

Conformity is a limitation of destiny

Refuse to be patient with average

Be averse to substandard operation and come to the point where you refuse to manage anything that is not optimal

5. Continuity of improvement (Prov. 4:18)

Excellence is not a destination, it is an adventure.

You continue to improve on the things you do

If you are not updated you soon become outdated, antiquated and outmoded

If you want the journey of excellence to be exciting, thrilling and fulfilling, there must be continuous improvement

6. Value for knowledge (Isa. 60:1)

Knowledge brings new edge

Light makes people shine, and light is information, revelation and understanding

To be lighted is to be uplifted

People are deformed/malformed when they are not adequately informed

If your life and assignment is not going to be deformed, you must be informed

7. Diligence of labour (Eccl. 9:10)

Excellence answers to diligence

It is the diligent labourer that experiences excellence in life

Hard work is the doorway to high flight in life

No one flies high who does not work hard

You do not reach your potentials until you stretch yourself

There is no reach without a stretch

Nothing excels until someone is diligent


Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight.

To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask for a baptism of the Spirit of excellence;

help me Lord to give it everything it takes in the

journey of excellence, until I excel, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


- Communion for the Spirit of excellence


- God is bringing you to a point where people will begin to value and respect you because of your excellence delivery

- The plan of God for your life shall be fulfilled

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Paul Enenche


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