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After Years Of Serving As A Body Guard For Her Father, See How She Changed My Life From Poverty

I am Charles from Osun state, I am a graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Offa, where I got my National Diploma in Computer Science. I faced many consequences in my life but I finally escaped poverty.

This is how my love story led me on the path to success.

When I was on ND1, I found it difficult to meet my basic needs and desires because I grew up from a poor family. One day, I was on my way to the school campus along the side of the government reservoir (GRA), and saw one vacancy notice on the wall of a real estate home at the GRA.

The vacancy is that the homeowner needs a security or a gatekeeper. I copied the phone number on the vacancy and went back to campus for afternoon lectures.

I was thinking "Am I able to do the Body guard" function? But my opinion told me that I should apply for the job so that with the small salary I would get, I would be comfortable as well and shoulder my basic needs as well.

In the next few weeks, I sent a request letter to Gmail that appeared on the vacancy banner. Within the next 24 hours, I got a message that I should come for an interview the next upper week.

I went for an interview and was offered a job as a bodyguard to President Abubakar who is the founder of AB Filling stations all over Nigeria. But the president has a lovely girl who was also at 300 level in institution at the time and her name is Precious. Really the girl is very beautiful and I admire her.

One day, she was just home and thought she was getting bored that day. She came next to me and asked for my name and some short details about me in English.

I immediately answered her in the same language that she spoke to me. At that moment we are having an educational and substantive conversation.

Precious asked me later, "Why am I doing bodyguard?" She also said I am a talented kid who is supposed to work in a perfect fit office. She also said that she does not like seeing me in bodyguard uniform.

One day, she faced a problem with the task that they gave her from school to solve, but she could not solve it and now she came to me so that I could help her solve the task. I replied that I could help her and after two minutes I helped her do so.

But I was suspicious of Precious positive behavior because when her dad wants to send me a mission, she'll tell her dad that he should send it instead of sending it to me. Her statements and the way she spoke made me laugh sometimes.

In short, Precious suggested to me while we were dating. After 7 years working as her father's bodyguard, Precious asked her father to appoint me as General Manager of one of his companies since I got my HND with Upper Credit in Computer Science.

It also revealed the plan and the relationship that we have in secret.

I am very grateful to show love appreciation to Precious my friendly love partner to upgrade my salary from N35,000 to N260,000 with some allowance fee.

Love is sweet when you have the right love partner.

Thanks for reading !!!

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Charles Computer Science Federal Polytechnic National Diploma Offa


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