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Adeyemi Speaks On Link Between Success in Life And Hard Work.

According to Adeyemi:

"Work hard...Any smart work that does not have hard work in it is useless work.There is no prize without a price.You will realize this when you relate with rich and successful people.Hard work does not kill,it is stress and negative emotions that kill".

"For those who are starting out in business remember Thomas Edison said that,"Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".This implies that all the lectures, counselling and reading, you get is just 1%. The remaining 99% takes place when you get out and do something about what you've been hearing and learning.You can be inspired and fired up and even fall under the anointing, that is still 1%.lf you fall down,stand up again and go out to the market place and make the money.Sweat it out.There is no substitute for hard work in the school of is not the hearers of the word but the doer that is blessed"

"Have a strong desire, and develop a passion for your business.When you are just starting, you are at a disadvantage because some people have started before you, so you can't be complacent about it.God does not grant wishes,He grants desires.You need to have a strong desire.Be hungry for is that hunger that will carry you over will not make you to quit easily, because you will definitely meet challenges.You must not give up".

"Keep a very positive attitude.You may suffer disappointment, and instead of becoming better you become bitter.lf you maintain a negative attitude, you will not get anywhere".

"Celebrate little successes.Break down your goals and record little successes that will encourage you.lf you set your goals too far away, you may get discouraged and not realize that you have achieved something.Make daily goals and score yourself.Be like God who took six days to create the world.When He was through on the first day,He looked at what He had done and said it was good.Encourage yourself and celebrate little successes along the way"

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