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"When I get my salary, I'll get a village man to impregnate me and he'll do my chores for me" - Lady

Wonders shall never end. Maybe if it was a man who made the post, maybe it wouldn't have caused a lot of reactions. But a lady saying, when she gets her salary review for the year, she would get a man from the village, looks somehow. According to her, she is working in Lagos and obviously, she would be single also. She decided that when she gets her salary review for the year, she wants a man from the village.

She would do this by sending recent pictures of her to her mom. She would then tell her mom use the picture to get a man from the village. This man would come to Lagos, help her with some of her chores in Lagos and maybe in a year or two give her a child. After he's able to do this, then she would proceed to pay small thing on the man's head.

Though as good as it may sound, it's a little bit weird because of our society. Men are the ones to do this and not a woman. Saying that she needs a man to do such for her may be difficult because men naturally has pride. The truth is that things are changing and we may have men who would do that.

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