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5 Fashion Tips Women Should Note Before Going For A Job interview

1) Wear Corporate Clothes 

There are clothes that are best suitable for office and that is what should be worn to a job interview. A well pressed Button shirt or Blouse and a cooperate trouser or Knee high skirt will do just fine. If the weather isn't too hot, you can throw in a blazer to complete the corporate look. 

2) Wear Appropriate Colour

What can be considered as appropriate colours are black and brown which signifies professionalism and reliability. Navel blue can also be considered because blue signifies intelligence, Who wouldn't want an intelligent employee?

3) Cover shoes

Do not wear an open toe shoe or sandals because it may be considered unprofessional. You are free to put on a high heel but it shouldn't be too intense.

4) Light Make Up

Do not over cake your face with make up, apart from the fact that it is distracting, it can also be uncomfortable for the job recruiter.

5) Simple Accessories 

Do not wear too much Jeweleries and the little you wear shouldn't be too flashy. More is less in this case, a simple necklace and leather wristwatch will do just fine.

Content created and supplied by: AdeMicky_Cutz (via Opera News )


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