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FICTION: My experience working for a rich business mogul.

My friend Mary called me to inform me that there was a great job that was paying well with little to no experience. I immediately told her I was interested because after graduating two years ago, I have been doing odd jobs to survive.

When I got to the place, I was amazed. It was a big mansion in a beautiful private estate. I was told that I would be the personal maid to the owner who was a 33-year-old business mogul and the salary was better than working at an office so I accepted.

After two months, the job was going well, I already knew the in and out but something surprising was that I have only seen the owner of the mansion once. I greeted him and he replied with a nod. I guessed that was how rich people behaved and continued to focus on my work.

On this fateful day, a lot of the staff were on break it was just me, the securities and a few temporary workers. Suddenly, I heard a scream, it was coming from a room upstairs and I ran to check it.

I barged in on my boss half-naked and saw him screaming and pointing at something on the wall. When I looked at the wall, I saw a cockroach and the first thing I did was burst out laughing.

He gave me a cold stare and I immediately removed my shoe and tried to kill the insect but it flew away. He immediately jumped on the bed and covered himself with a duvet. The scene was too funny but I had to hold in my laughter to save my job.

I finally killed the insect and my boss looked relieved. He did not say anything after but just stared at me so I left the room quietly. The next day, I was summoned to his room and I got afraid. Maybe I am getting fired I thought.

Thanks for reading this short story. Like and comment if you want a part two.

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