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Eight categories of people that Canada might not work for – Consider this before you relocate

1 People with good jobs in their country: 

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have opportunities to get good jobs back home. So if you have a good job, you might want to think twice. Weigh your options because you might have to switch careers or go back to school, work the night shift, work all hours, do menial jobs, or even start from scratch. Besides, there is no guarantee of getting a good job immediately after you get to Canada. Unless you are coming with a job offer from outside Canada, for some people, it might take years to get their dream job or the type of job they had back home. 

You must be willing to start from scratch or to take a risk.

 You might have to do some basic jobs first before you get what you had back home. But if you decide to travel no matter the circumstance you will grow, and you will learn and eventually achieve your goals.

2 People not willing to socialize or network:

You know the saying your network is your net worth. In Nigeria, we call it connection. The system here is a bit similar to that but in a different way. It is called a referral. 

Referrals are very common in Canada. Having a referral opens doors. You might not know a lot of job openings unless you have a referral. So if you are not willing to work on your networking and interpersonal skills, Canada might not be the place for you.

3 People who are not willing to fit into the culture learn and be open-minded:

You may experience culture shock. So you need to be able to adapt and respect people for their choices. Canada is a multicultural society. You will meet people from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. So if you are judgmental, you might not be able to integrate into the work and social places. You must willing to respect everyone’s decisions. Do not try to force your beliefs on people. 

4 People who are not willing to work hard:

What this means is that you might have to work twice as hard. The pressure may be on you for some weeks, months, or even years before you prove yourself. If you are hardworking and willing to put in your all, you will be fine in Canada.

5 People who have the mentality that one partner has to do everything:

 If a division of labor is a problem for you, then it might be hard for you to cope in Canada. Getting a maid is quite expensive in Canada. It is not like other countries where the woman is expected to do all the house chores and still work. The man had to assist the woman in doing somethings. They have to be a division of labor.

6 People who expect everything to be given to them:

Here, you will do things yourself. You have to be independent and self-sufficient. The government does its part, and it is up to you to do yours. 

7 People who are not willing to behave well:

Canada is not a lawless country. So you must be willing to obey the laws. If not, then Canada might not be for you.

8 People who have no financial discipline:

Most times, money is not everything in Canada because your credit score is just as important. Having a low credit score can make you lose out on opportunities, and you can not afford not to be well informed about it and how it works. You are responsible for learning about it and gaining knowledge about how the system and the credit score system works.

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