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As A Graduate, I Cannot Do A Job Of N100,000 Because I Can Easily Earn That On Opera

It may really be bad if I fail to express my gratitude to Opera News Hub for the amazing things I have gained while writing for them.

It is really a great platform which has helped my life, a platform that has changed my life, a platform that has changed my mindset, and a platform that has developed the entrepreneurship mindset in me.

I would never forget that faithful day that I got to know about this great platform. After graduating in 2019, I was really eager to finding a better way to help my life. 

This made me to start searching every corner hoping to discover a better way to earn legit income online, as a fresh graduate.

After series of searches, I finally met Opera News Hub on December 15, 2019, while I was reading news online. This is one reason it is always good to stay updated, to read publications around you, because you will always get relevant information that may help you.

Though I thought it was a scam, but since I had always loved making money online, from my comfort, I had to give it a trial.

The truth is that the journey has not really be easy so far writing on Opera News Hub, but I would still say that one of the best things that has happened to me is meeting this great platform.

I can now boldly say that I am not eager to look for a job even as a fresh graduate, and I am not even ready to do any job of N100,000 since I can make more than that amount from my comfort, writing on Opera News Hub.

Opera has really helped me in many ways which would be so voluminous to put up here, but let me just add few points:

1. Opera Gave Me Financial Freedom

According to investopedia, financial freedom speaks about having enough savings, investments, and cash on hand to take care of your needs and as well afford the possible lifestyle you want at that moment, without having to depend on anybody.

I can't really deny the fact that Opera has given financial freedom since I started the journey with them in 2019.

Before I joined Opera, I had always ended up wishing to get my needs sorted, but through Opera, I don't really depend on anybody to live up to the standard I want.

As long as I keep submitting my wonderful articles on the platform, my money keep flowing as I want.

Even during the 2020 Covid 9 lockdown, many people were complaining of hardship and financial difficulty, but it was really very hard for me to understand because I was busy making more cash writing on Opera. Since people were staying at home because of lockdown, I was even making more cash than before because I had more people to read my articles.

2. Opera Gave Me Wonderful Skills

During the lockdown, I started wondering what I would do with the money I was making on Opera. Then I was inspired to venture into learning some nice skills, which I later used the money to learn several skills including graphics designing, digital marketing skills, software and hardware computer repairs, and so on. Today, I'm everly glad that I have many skills to support my certificate.

All because of Opera!

3. Opera Took Away Unemployment Anxiety From Me

It may no longer be new hearing that unemployment is a great issue in Nigeria. On every year, a great number of graduates are pushed out of different Universities in Nigeria, without any hope of employment for them.

I was really faced with this particular anxiety, as I didn't really know what could be my fate after school.

But ever since I met Opera News Hub, my mindset changed automatically. I started thinking like an entrepreneur, I deleted the issue of searching for a Job in my mind.

All I think now is how to make money myself, make investments and employ others; this mindset was highly motivated by Opera News Hub.

Getting employment is really good, but the truth is that I can never wait for employment. 

I may not really start mentioning the investment I have made from Opera because it may look as if I am boasting. 

Even in my digital marketing field, I have launched several Blogs that are doing well already.

Just last week, I also launched another blog where we talk about business ideas in Nigeria.

You can click on Naija Venture to visit the new blog and make your contribution

All I am saying, is that Opera has really helped me!

I won't forget this occasion so quick. I was just mobilized for my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), of which I went to Camp on March 10, 2021, and we are already out.

While there in the Camp, I was hearing a lot of complaints from my fellow Corps members, complaining about money for up keep. I was just confused because I couldn't imagine making such complaints, as Opera had always got me covered.

After a week in the Camp, Opera decided to pay for the month we had worked. I was really amazed seeing N90,400 wired to me. 

While others were calling there parents to send money for them in Camp, I was busy sending some money to my parents even while in Camp. Isn't that amazing?

Even as NYSC pays Corps members N33,000 monthly allowance, it becomes amazing that I won't even touch the money until I finish my service, this is possible because I have a lot to make from Opera in a month.

Though Writing on Opera News Hub is really very stressful, but what I like most about it, is that it makes me to earn cool money from my comfort, I can write and make my money from anywhere I am, as long as I have my phone or laptop. Even if I decide to stay inside my house without coming out for a whole month, I can still earn more than some salary earners, while writing on Opera.


Anxiety really affects happiness; when you are afraid of what tomorrow may bring, definitely, your happiness may be affected in one way or the other.

I was really having this anxiety of unemployment; I was afraid of what my fate may be after school since I don't have long leg. This was really affecting my happiness knowingly and unknowingly.

But the Opportunity Opera has offered to me has really given me much hope that I can actually make out something for myself.

Today, I am always happy all the time because I am seeing the results of my efforts.

It is all because of God's grace through Opera News Hub.

As Opera News Hub celebrates her one year Anniversary, I pray that the platform will continue to wax stronger!

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