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How to pass any type of interview

1. Good first impression

Passing any type of interview, be it a job interview or whatever type of interview starts from the first impression you give the interviewer, from research man take importance to the first and last events, this also comes into play in interviews but am not saying it is a must to be the first or last, but it has a little effect, you should be sure to arrive on time for the interview also to build a good first impression research also shows that smiling,

eye contact and firm handshake is crucial.

2. Dress to pass

A good dress code is very necessary for an interview as your aim is to display yourself as a person capable of occupying what you are interviewed for, so decent dress code is very crucial, if it is a job interview an ideal dress code is in the photo below.

3. Good non verbal communication

This includes sitting posture, good eye contact, confidence and it can even be your voice tone.

Correct sitting posture is very crucial, the correct posture for an interview is seen in the picture below.

4. Good knowledge of what you are interviewed for

You can research on common questions asked in that interview and prepare responses. Your interviewer is more likely to pick you if you had a good interaction with him to achieve this give short and powerful answers to questions, engage in conservation with all panel members

5. Try to thank or relate with interviewers personally

This can greatly increase your chances of passing the interview.

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