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Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers(2020 Ranking).

Football has now risen to a sport that involves a whole lot of money.Players now earn more than what most white collar job earner earn.

The combined earnings of the top 100 highest paid athletes is now about $3.6 billion,out of which footballers account for 14% of that sum.

The sudden Coronavirus Pandemic break has caused a reduction in finances across all sports and players are now reportedly receiving half-pay.

Even though sporting events took a break, millions keep pouring in for the players,thanks to the endorsement and sponsorship deals of the players.

Messi is the highest paid footballer based on salary earnings but Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer based on Salary and Endorsement earnings combined.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid footballers based on both their Salaries and Endorsement:

10)Antoine Griezmann:$26.7 million.

9)Oscar Emboaba:$27.5 million.

8)Paul Pogba:$28.5 million.

7)Mesut Ozil:$28.7 million.

6)Andres Iniesta:$29.6 million.

5)Kylian Mbappe:$33.8 million.

4)Mohammed Salah:$35.1 million.

3)Neymar Jr:$95.5 million.

2)Lionel Messi:$104 million.

1)Cristiano Ronaldo:$105 million.

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