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All Schools Should Be Reopened From July 27th After Doing These 4 Things In All Schools. (Opinion).

All schools in Nigeria have been shut down since march earlier this year, due to the breakout of the Covid-19. This was in a bid to prevent the widespread of the deadly virus and since then, there has been no school activity all over the country.

Many students are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to reopen the schools, but the President is yet to do that.

I am of the opinion that all schools should be reopened from Monday, the 27th of July 2020, but before that, the following 4 things should be done in all schools.

1. Construction of emergency Isolation centers.

When the disease broke out in Nigeria, it did not take up to one week for different isolation centers to be built in all the states. So isolation centers should be constructed in all schools, for easier and faster administration of medicines to students who might contract the disease.

2. Construction of running water in all parts of the schools.

This is necessary if we must defeat this deadly disease, and students can be nonchalant about the washing of their hands always. So, in order to ensure maximum cooperation from all the students, running water should be constructed at every corner of the schools; so that they will not have an option but to always d the needful always.

3. Hand Sanitizers should be placed at the entrance of each classroom or lecture hall.

Most students might not have the strength to always go around with hand sanitizer. So the Federal Government of Nigeria, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari should supply these sanitizers to all schools, and ensure that they are placed at these designated places.

4. Free Nose masks should be supplied to all the schools.

The federal government should supply these nose masks to all the schools; so that they can be given to all students. So many less privileged students may not be able to afford the nose masks; since an already used one can not be reused. So the government should help by giving it freely to all students, as a measure to help Nigeria and it's citizens defeat this deadly virus.


After ensuring that these 4 things are put in place in all schools, then schools should be reopened from July 27th.

What do you think about these? Your opinion matters to me. Please share and like this article. You can also follow me for more.

Content created and supplied by: DrMichaels (via Opera News )

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