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We would Be More Protected In Schools By Our Teachers Than Traders In Markets - Student

An SS2 student in one of the schools in Lagos Island, identify as Taiwo, has break his silence over schools lockdown by the federal government, amid Covid-19.

According to him, market traders are not safe than students. It is very easy to contract this pandemic in markets because market is crowded and no social distancing. But in school, our teachers will help us to observe the guidelines and thereby protecting us from spreading the virus. They will ensure that the use of face masks is compulsory, washing of hands will also be done as much as possible. Traders do not have have such time, yet, no one has contracted the virus.

What makes the government to think that we students would not be safe?

Students are so idle at home, unlike me, I don't have anything that is keeping me busy. I have been watching movies from morning till night, doing nothing than that.

I am tired of being at home. Atleast, during school session, I will spent more hours, after school is extra lesson, or sometimes I would just be running around to see how I could work on my assignment to avoid being punish.

But now, nothing is moving me, I am just tired of home and everything" The student lamented.

Yes, it may be true. Federal government should therefore see the need of considering the students to go back to school.

Many students are idle as he has said. Infact, due to lockdown of churches and schools, and some of the companies in Nigeria, people who are involved are idle, thereby causing evil thoughts. We should not forget that an idle man is the devil's work shop.

Please readers what can you say about this issue? I need your views.

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