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Indonesia covid-19 updates

I spoke to BBC World News today about the latest update on coronavirus in Indonesia. It is still related to my article on Guardian: Indonesia is failing to control coronavirus outbreak

This is an excerpt from my interview: 

1. Indonesian government first response when the first case of coronavirus announced in the country were not about how to build a system to prepare for the outbreak, but President Jokowi talked about spending national budget to boost the economy because he was worried that Indonesia will face economic recession as the impact of the coronavirus. 

2. Government even prepared 5 million USD for influencers to boost tourism amid the coronavirus outbreak. So the government has consistently prioritised economic, particularly tourism, over health measures. 

3. As the government prioritized to the economy, we remain among the countries with the lowest number of coronavirus tests to this day. With a population of 273 million, we have conducted 1,1 million coronavirus tests across Indonesia or 4 thousands tests per 1 million population. Same with countries like Trininad & Tobago, Guyana, and Kenya, countries that have less GDP per capita than Indonesia. Although we have 246 labs to test Covid-19. 

5. President Jokowi for the first time tweeted on Monday that the government promised to improve the health facilities and targeted to do more PCR tests, about 30,000 tests per day. But according to Indonesian scientists it is not enough, there should be 50,00 tests per day.

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