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Opinion: Three Lessons Private School Teachers Should Learn As Schools Remain Closed

Schools remain closed across the country. Students are at there respective homes. Teachers in private schools across Nigeria are counting their losses, lamenting and languishing in pains.

Neither the ministry of education nor the presidency has come to their helps to alleviate poverty and to give them some financial assistance. 

Since schools are closed, owners of the private schools have not been able to paying. Hence, salaries have stopped coming in for the teachers, most of whom are university graduates who resorted to teaching in the schools when lucrative jobs weren't available.

Every teacher in the private schools has some lessons to learn. 

1. Public school teachers are not helping

Normally, one will expect teachers in the public schools to support teachers in the private schools.

Private schools teachers have been calling for the reopening of schools and for academic activities to resume fully. Once schools are open to academic work, the teachers in the private schools will be able to receive salaries. 

So far only the voices of private schools teachers have been heard concerning the issue of reopening of schools.

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has not shown interest in the reopening of schools. Teachers in the public schools are earning their salaries. Hence, they are not worried about resumption of schools. 

Now, it is obvious that teachers in the public schools and the NUT are not ready to help private school teachers.

This is a lesson for the teachers in the private schools to learn.

2. The need to get alternative jobs

With the issue of the coronavirus disease that is still ravaging the whole world, it is now imperative for teachers in the private schools to look for some other viable means to be financially stable. 

Teaching should be one of the most lucrative jobs in any country and teachers are to be cared for. 

But unfortunately, it is otherwise in Nigeria. While workers in other sectors are coping by drawing salaries from government or companies, teachers are at home lamenting.

This is now time for all teachers to learn lessons. It is advisable to have more jobs or personal businesses.

There are petty businesses teachers can do. Agric businesses, arts works, buying and selling of goods and services, fashion designing, writing, are all other jobs each teacher in the private school should learn to do.

3. Both state and federal government don't have records for teachers

From all indications, neither the federal nor state government has data of teachers in the private schools.

Obviously, the federal ministry of education doesn't know the number of teachers we have in the private schools. Even the no state government can give an accurate figures of the number of teachers. 

So, if it is true that the government doesn't have the necessary information about the teachers, how do you expect the government to assist the teachers financially during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

The federal and state government will find it relatively difficult to identify genuine teachers in the private schools since there is no data or statistics currently in operation.

Every teacher should bear it in mind now that the government doesn't know them. The government doesn't understand much of the teachers are passing through.

I am a teacher in a private school too.

Please share it to every teacher.

Content created and supplied by: timfab (via Opera News )

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