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Why private schools teachers need to be placed on part time teaching

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has really dealt heavily on all private schools teachers, most especially those who don't have any other things that brings in money aside the teaching job which they are committed to.

Teaching is one of the profession that many parents frown at and some even vowed not to allow any of their children to take teaching as a job or career due to how poorly teachers are being neglected and badly treated as if teaching is a second class profession. Teachers make all things possible.

Private schools owners need to digest and consider this as to help the teachers. Apart from the classroom teachers and forms masters that can be permanently stationed in the school, all other teachers need to be placed on part time teaching so as to enable them to venture into other things (side hustle) to generate income.

In private schools and some other private organizations, there are

1. No pension

2. No leave

3. No job security

4. No future (The future is now when you are still in active service).

Time wait for no one and time wasted can never be regained. Most private schools teachers after their first or second teaching periods, the rest of the hours is spent doing nothing rather than going to stay in the staff room or roam about in the school compound waiting for closing hours, whereas those hours can be dedicated to other ventures that will generate income for them. They need to invest this time on other things to secure a retirement plans and save for the future (old age). Teachers rewards are in heaven they said but now that they are still here on earth, let them enjoy the ones they can while they can...... My thoughts though.

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