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Stop Disposing Your Plastic Bottles, Check Out Four Ways To Make Them Useful Again

What if I told that nothing is a waste until you decide to dispose it as one. Many persons have discovered great ways of making money, and/or creating amazing stuffs from what is secularly regarded as a waste. You too can become creative like them, and probably make some money.

However, this article will only show you four great ways to craft your waste plastic bottles into something useful. Cheers

Sincerely, since the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria, and the consequent lockdown, I have suddenly become a more creative person by constantly thinking of great ways to make more money, and creative ways to turn my trash into something useful in order to save cost, and optimize my meager money since private school owners have refused to pay we teachers.

For instance, I am not a great writer, but because of the lockdown and financial drought that followed, I started developing my writing skills, and turned it into an additional source of income.

More so, I started optimizing my financial resources by cutting down unnecessary expenses, through searching for creative ways to turn some of my waste into useful products. It wasn't easy at first, but after watching a couple of videos online, reading some great expository articles on this platform, and little practice, I've mastered ingenious ways to turn useless stuffs like a used plastic bottle into useful again, instead it trashing them. You should do same.

In my next article, I will teach you how to make money from waste plastic bottles and empty pure water nylon. So please follow me to be the first to see the update. Thank you.

Now without further ado, let's dig in.

For this article, I will only highlight four creative ways to turn your waste plastic bottles into something useful again at home. I believe that by studying these simple techniques, you can come up with even better and more creative ways to use them. So keep an open mind, i will be happy to learn from your creative minds.

Now, Here are Four (4) great ways to make your plastic bottles useful again:


For those of you who can relate with me, the quantity of food stuffs that we consume this period, since the closure of working activities across the country, has double or probably tripled. This means that, if I was cooking one spaghetti or noodles in the past, now I have to cook two or two and a half, also we might need to consume more salts, crayfish and other cooking ingredients. Hence, there is an increasing need for storage cans to keep our food stuffs safely and prevent them from getting spoilt.

There is absolutely no need to waste money buying additional storage cans from the market, all you have to do is pick up some of your used plastic cans, cut them into two parts depending on the size of the storage container you want, and join them together. Look at the picture above and below for guide.

All you have to do is cut out the base of two different cans and use the shorter one to cover the longer one. I guess it's very simple.


Keeping your phone on the floor while charging it can be very risky, especially if you have a lot of children or friends around. Someone can step on it and damage your phone's screen. This is heartbreaking and will definitely make you spend your limited money on something you didn't plan for initially.

You can prevent this by making a creative phone bag, which will help you hold your phone above the floor while it is charging.

This is also very simple, and all you have to to is to look at the picture above and cut you plastic bottle exactly the same way. It is pretty easy and you don't need to get it perfectly. However, just make sure it's beautiful and attractive.


Magazines are quite expensive than normal newspapers and other bulletins. Hence if you are like me that buy a lot of fashion and Christian magazines, you'll discover that as much as they are expensive they can easily get spoilt when they come in contact water, which is waste of hard earned money.

Hence, all you need to do is get a couple of plastic bottles, depending on the number of magazines you have. Cut the upper part that is close to the cork off, and stack your magazines in them like so.

This way, you'll protect them from water, and keep them safe.


This is one of my best creations, and it will be very useful for people who love farming vegetables in their gardens at home. It's a simple technique to ensure that your plants are always properly watered and fresh.

It's also pretty easy to make, all you have to do is make very little openings in the cover or cork of your plastic bottles, fill the bottles with water and cover it back. Use a rope to hold them in place as I have illustrated in the picture above, and that is it. Your vegetables will blossom with this simple technique.

I hope you you've learnt something. Please share this article to your friends. You can share your thoughts and/or questions as well. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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