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OPINION: Open The NYSC Portal Let's Do Our Registration We Are Tired Of Remaining At Home In Poverty

It is neither a stroke of Bad luck for us to have graduated last year, nor is it the making of anybody that the novel Covid-19 appeared when we were just preparing to go for the Youth Service Scheme.

It indubitable that the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemics has impacted hunger and difficulty on the citizens of Nigeria, who are put to lock down and denied the access to their businesses, those who work with private companies, industries, schools and street hustlers have experienced an untold hardship as a result of this pandemics.

Recall that sequel to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemics the management of National Youth Corps Service as a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the Novel Virus had suspended the orientation course which was ongoing for the Batch "A" stream 1 corp members.

However, when this development took place most of the Batch A stream 1 corps members were not very happy as they would have wished to have the full experience of the course, but what option do they have done, than to accept it as fate and also hope that cure would be found soon to wipe out the pandemics.

But today, it is a win-win for them because they are at home collecting their pay without any work and there is every possibility that they might never return to the camp for orientation course or better say they may end up spending the whole service year at home.

Meanwhile, the Batch "A" stream 1 corp members were so lucky to have been covered from experiencing what some of their mates waiting for the Batch "A" stream 2 or even Batch "B" are passing through of starvation and hardship, this is owing to the fact that they are at home receiving their allowances in full payment.

Especially now that their monthly allowances have been increased from N19500 to N32,800 by the Buhari led administration, this indeed will make life easy for them during this period of hardship and severe hunger and it will even be possible for them to make huge savings from the token since they do not have to spend from it as they would have if they were to be in their primary places of assignment.

However, those of us who were hoping to be captured in the Batch "A" stream 2 and Batch "B", are very unlucky not to have completed our registration and reached to the camps before the suspension of the orientation course, at least this would have availed us the opportunity to also be receiving our allowances from the comfort of our homes.

However, we have been keeping serious vigil with patience expecting that soon the Batch " A" stream1 would be called to return to the camp fir the completion of the orientation course, after which the portal would be opened for us to commence our registration.

The government of Nigeria is not unaware of the ravaging consequence of Coronavirus on her citizens and that why every effort of hers is channelled towards lessening the hardship meted to the citizens of the country by the outbreak of this novel virus.

However, the government should do more to ensure that we are all secured from extreme poverty which has turn many citizens to street beggars and petitioners who move from one household to the other just to solidify his/her stomach.

One of the ways the federal government can assist to reduce the intensity of the hardship on the masses and also on us the awaiting corp members while at home, is by opening the NYSC registration portal for us to commence our registration which will take us just a few weeks to complete.

Thereafter, the government should commence the payment of our allowances into our various accounts, this will go a long way to alleviate our poverty and drastically reduce the effect of the ravaging Coronavirus, while we pray and hope for the end of this novel pandemics soon.

God Bless the Nigerian Government.

Please if you are of this opinion lets see your comment below.

Content created and supplied by: Abu-Muslim (via Opera News )

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