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Tribute to My Beloved Father: The Last Days of An Honourable Father.

Remembering and pondering upon that which cuts-off mortals from all forms of enjoyments became part and parcel of my life on the night of June 1st, 2020. It was the lost of everything i ever cherish - My Beloved Father.

He had been released two(2) months ago from his place of work in Lagos to enable him undertake his annual leave with us in Katsina and to simultaneously look after his health. His health status had been deteriorating even while in Lagos without us knowing for he was conveyed from Lagos using their office car.

Then, COVID-19 pandemic was significantly on the rise but happily, my dad had no fever and was absolutely free of cough but seriously complain of body pains and over-whelming lack of appetite. Coming from Lagos tagged the first environment where the pandemic was identified, it was difficult to get the attention of medical personnel at some hospitals visited.

Luckily enough, my dad was certified COVID-19 free at Federal Medical Centre, Katsina but remain admitted and placed under observation by a number of visiting consultant. After about two (2) weeks, he was discharged and placed on some drugs that irritated him whenever he takes them. Unfortunately, their prescribed dosage were four(4) times a day!

While he was on those drug, some side effects began to manifest! My dad experienced severe headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and discoloration of the skin, for several weeks thereafter i vividly remember that he was subjected to about three(3) different combination of varying kinds of drugs while his plight only subsides at the first day of their consumption and persisted subsequently. 

However, we all kept faith in God that someway somehow, God would come to the rescue of the bread winner of our family. Our dear increased by the day because: daddy is never the ill-type mainly because he's known to being fit always. He loves taking fruits, undertaking exercise and too jovial from the socialPerspective. This time around, I felt so bad that my father was battling with an unknown ailment despite varying number of tests conducted at hospitals and some other private laboratories. 

For two(2) weeks before the night of June 1st, 2020, my dad has been admitted at the emergency unit of a well-known hospital in Katsina metropolis. Within the above said time-frame, we were able to communicate with him though not spanning a long period of time consecutively. I noticed that he could only say his five(5) daily compulsory prayers while laying-down on his bed through gesturing of his body parts at the point of prostrati and "sujud". On a daily basis, my mum and uncle supported him to the toilet and bathroom atleast thrice a day. We prayed fervently for his speedy recovery but practically met a speedy deterioration of his health! Alas, on the night of his demise, he could neither identify nor speak to us as he lau down on his death bed.

I never imagined that death would steal away my father at such a time. I only believe that jovially, he was pretending to be sleeping. At the pronouncement of the medical doctor before us, i immediately disagreed with his judgement!

Subsequently, some unknown papers were signed quickly by my mother and his relatives all in tears. Frankly, I just couldn't still imagine the true situation at hand. I kept saying that daddy has had a nice and long sleep!

Almost immediately, the Hospital's Ambulance car came and took my father home, our car was next to it. On seeing the crowd at the gate of our house, i began to fear that i may be on the wrong side of the fact. On disengaging from our car, my grandmother was the first being i approached and questioned. Succinctly, she broke my heart by factually affirming that death had stolen my only father.

On getting the information from my paternal grandmother, i immediately became unconscious dai an unknown time-frame. I only woke up and found myself on admission at the hospital we just left.

I later overheard my relatives say that for the past seven (7) days, i solely relied on intravenous diets for my sustenance. I then realise that i had been in coma for a week!

After discharging me two(2) weeks after, i cried childishly for the inseparable lost that befall our family. Ever since then, I have been fervently and memorably praying that my dad's good soul would rest eternally forever.

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