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All schools should reopen and Lockdown called off (OPINION)

If the government see that it's safe to open market and worship centers then such should also be done for schools. All schools in Nigeria has been closed for roughly four months now because of the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Due to increasing no of cases of the pandemic, The government made a report by addressing the people that they could not take risk of the students going back to school, hence plans to go back to school was altered and made null and void.

When we talking about waec cancelled, Over 1 million students write waec in Nigeria every year and stopping waec this year would mean conducting waec for over 3 million candidates next year, which would rather be a great burden.

This pandemic had really caused a lot of decline in the Nigeria economy but by God willing it will soon come to an end. Its really disturbing that the government has decided that students lose complete full year, Final year students whom have planed to graduate this year and focus on future ambitions are left to ponder in disappointment.

Instead of closing schools, Governmen should provide children with vital information on hand washing and other measures to protect themselves and their families; facilitate mental health support; and help to prevent stigma and discrimination by encouraging students to be kind to each other and avoid stereotypes when talking about the virus.

Schools make students busy and pushes away idleness, with closure of schools and youths on the streets, soon idle students will be forced to leave idleness and go into crimes, sited without a job can really be stressful and shameful, the government should really take a look at this issue.

If Government can reopen Markets, hotels, banks and religious places then schools should also be considered Any procedure or protocols laid down for worship centers and other sectors can also be followed by schools. Perhaps school is something that goes with time and no doubt some people are really becoming of age now.

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