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Tonight On Foreign News: Foreign News Headline For Friday 17th, July 2020.

Tonight On Foreign News: Foreign News Headline For Friday 17th, July 2020.

World News Headlines 

- French police charged over death of man who shouted 'I'm suffocating' seven times.

- India coronavirus cases surge past one million to third highest in world.

- Nearly 100,000 mink to be culled after coronavirus outbreak on Spanish farm.

- 'I'm not a bad guy': New bodycam video of George Floyd's death emerges.

- China's economy returns to growth as virus lockdowns lifted.

- A satellite has taken the closest ever images of the sun.

- Drone show marks Turkey coup attempt anniversary.

- 2019: IS bride pleas for return to UK.

- Huge oil pipeline explosion on Cairo motorway.

- Crocodile bites boy's head and drags him into water 'for 10 minutes'.

- Trump press secretary says 'science should not stand in the way' of schools reopening.

 - Trump replaces campaign manager four months before election.

- Officers who stopped black couple 'for driving on a road' to be investigated.

- Leicester must stay in local lockdown as top 10 coronavirus hotspots in England revealed

- Oxford's coronavirus vaccine 'could provide double protection'

- Kanye West takes first official steps towards running for US president.

- Russian spies try to steal COVID-19 vaccine research - as government claims election interference.

- US Country records highest one-day case total as Trump slumps in new poll.

- European Union After bumps, bows and birthday gifts, EU leaders get down to business.

- Trump's approval rating drops as US breaks daily Covid-19 case record.

- Boris Johnson Plan for 'return to normality' met with scepticism.

- Bolivia Desperate citizens seek out toxic bleach falsely touted as Covid-19 cure.

- Covid-19 Symptoms fall into six different groupings, study finds.

- Global report Coronavirus infections in India pass 1m mark.

- British Airways Airline retires 747 fleet as Covid-19 hits travel.

- Greece Country offers British tourists a wary welcome back.

- Coronavirus: record 24-hour rise in Covid-19 cases around the world – WHO.

- WhatsApp: US judge says lawsuit against Israeli spyware firm NSO can proceed.

- Germany Ex-officer accused of human rights crimes in Argentina found living in Berlin.

- 'Get off my neck' London police officer suspended after arrest incident.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg US supreme court justice says she is being treated for recurrence of cancer.

- BA Airline begins to carry out its 'fire and rehire' threat to jobs.

- Princess Beatrice Royal marries in secret ceremony in front of Queen.

- Medical error led to painter Raphael's death, study finds.

- UK Man jailed for 35 years for killing pregnant ex-girlfriend and baby in London.

- Europe German police capture 'Black Forest Rambo' after six-day manhunt.

- Middle East and North Africa Israel returns to partial lockdown with immediate weekend shutdown.

- New California coronavirus rules will prevent most schools from reopening in autumn.

- Americas Canada police investigate vandalism of monument to Nazi troops as hate crime.

- Labour abuses happening 'at scale' far beyond Leicester, warn rights groups.

- Paraguay: indigenous girl's murder fires public outrage at child sexual abuse.

- Protests predicted to surge globally as Covid-19 drives unrest

- ‘Money makes money’: Uganda’s Tarantino raises funds with rap.

-Face mask fashion: politicians step out in statement masks.

- Trump's campaign reshuffle shows he's figured out he's losing

- Motives still unclear as hunt for 'Black Forest Rambo' enters sixth day.

- 'Nervously optimistic': Democrats eye blue wave but 2016 memories are fresh

- Capt Tom Moore knighted by Queen for coronavirus fundraising.

- Elbow bumps and bows: masked EU leaders start physically distanced summit.

- 'Work from home': UK chief scientific adviser warns of coronavirus risks.

- Fights break out in Taiwan parliament – in pictures- Coronavirus symptoms fall into six different groupings, study finds.

- Princess Beatrice marries in secret ceremony attended by Queen.

- Coronavirus: record 24-hour rise in Covid-19 cases around the world – WHO.

- German police capture 'Black Forest Rambo' after six-day manhunt.

- UK coronavirus: Chris Whitty says social distancing should continue 'for a long period' – as it happened.

- Senior Tory accuses Johnson of blaming NHS for government's Covid-19 failings.

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