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Countries With Highest Recorded Covid-19 cases

There are 13,150,645 million confirmed corona virus cases globally but here are some of the countries that have been hit the hardest.

1.     United States: There are over 3,344,783 million cases here which makes the United States the first of on the list.

2.     Brazil: The country has recorded over 1,884,967 million cases.


3.     India: India has recorded over 936, 181 thousand cases.


4.     Russian Federation: They have over 746,369 confirmed cases.


5.     Peru: Over 330,123 thousand cases.


6.     Chile: More than 319,493 have been recorded.


7.     Mexico: Over 304, 435 have been confirmed.


8.     South Africa: 298,292 cases have been recorded.


9.     The United Kingdom: 291,377 confirmed cases.


10. Iran: 262,173 cases have been recorded.


Please remember to always stay safe and follow guidelines that have been put in place by the government to curb the further spread of the virus. Avoid putting your health at risk or the health of other’s around you.

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