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Actual benefits of NYSC everyone should know about

National youth Service Corps is a Nigerian government scheme for graduate. I know to some people it is stressful and unnecessary but below are life changing benefits of the scheme.

Opportunity to meet new people.

A lot of people have made life-changing connections ,though some keep to themselves in NYSC camp and during their service year. But if you are the kind who likes to make friends and meet new people, then NYSC is an opportunity for you.

The opportunity to travel to states you probably won’t ever travel to.

Well, won't consider travelling to ; This one is for those posted to really far places like Zamfara, Akwa Ibom, Calabar, Yobe, Kastina etc. Honestly, very few of us would want to visit talk more of traveling to those places considering the distance. NYSC has made travelling to those places compulsory for youth corpers that happens to be posted there and it has been a beautiful experience for many.

You are famous Dearies

Well, literally but what I mean is you get respect and recognition.

As a corper, you are known , Imagine travelling on the high way and the police or Army stops your car. You will realize that every other people in the car will be searched and interrogated, but tell them you are a corper with your ID card, they won’t even search or interrogate you. So bear it in mind how important you are please.

Reevaluate your life

You get free money!

It’s not exactly free, seeing as you’re working for it. But corps members serving during this Coronavirus pandemic cannot tell me otherwise. What you people are collecting is free money, dears. So it's basically a time to save up and go into a business or an investment .it's basically a time some people gets new abilities ,new interests.

You may be pardoned for driving without a License

Provided you are on your uniform or have a valid means of identification. As a corper, you can drive a car without a “Driver’s license,” Am not saying you should go ahead and drive with incomplete particulars though, lol.


Socialization and Networking

The scheme helps to unite Nigerians from every state, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Socialization aspect, it helps people to mix, mingle and socialize, get to meet new friends they have never met before. Networking is also important. You never can know who will be of help to you. Some people get lucky they meet their future partner .


You can use the NYSC certificate to secure a job unless you didn’t serve or you're given certificate of exempt.

It Makes Naija Youths Tougher

The scheme, starting from camp makes one tougher mentally and physically. It helps you blend in job hunting times.

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