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See people's reactions as Omotola's husband used private jet to fly his children back home

Amidst the whole coronavirus pandemic, where travel is restricted and people are getting stuck wherever they were before the pandemic, Omotola Ekeinde's husband, Matthew Ekeinde who is a pilot was able to pull some strings which allowed him to use a private jet to get his children home.

Omotola took to instagram to appreciate her husband for being a superhero to his children, and for not disappointing her, because major connections must have been involved with the powers that be before he would have been able to pull that off.

She shared the pictures of her children inside the private jet for people to see, and some people commented it was unnecessary because some other people who aren't privileged enough might get jealous.

Here's a screenshot of her post

See people's reactions to the post. Some people believed it is not news worthy and she shouldn't have been flaunting it, and others believed since airports were not open to other countries, it was as if they were breaking the measures put in place.Follow me for more entertaining posts.

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Matthew Ekeinde Omotola


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