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(Opinion) Painful Fate Of Students In Nigeria As Classrooms Become Chicken Rearing Farms.

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It is no longer news that all forms of formal education acquisition in our Nation Nigeria had been closed for a very long time, following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

The federal government, announced the closure of schools, on the 20th of March so as to be able to curb and fight the virus. All students from primary, secondary, and even higher institutions were then asked to go back home. So as to maintain social distancing which is one of the necessary requirements and precautions to observe in the fight against viruses.

This break was supposed to last for one month as announced by the government but unfortunately, this is the fourth month, and students still do not know their fate on when school would resume or if it would ever resume. It is becoming a pitiful situation for both scholars and teachers.

Students are staying idle at home, especially final year students and secondary students who are supposed to take WAEC, but due to the break have their exams canceled, with reasons best known to the Government.

As much as the government wants the best of the citizen and are trying to protect the lives of the people. This indefinite break is becoming to have a negative impact on the lives of the student, an adage says "an idle man is a devil workshop" most of these students are just wasting away at home, some cannot even remember most of the lectures and classes they received before the break and risk of repeating a session keeps lurking around, as this corona break persists.

Principals, lectures, and teachers are also victims of the present circumstances, it has gotten to the point that even the classroom has now been turned to poultry farms. A citadel of learning becoming a farmhouse.

The principal most have done these to able to feed his family she has no other source of income.

The government should please look into this matter, We all know the youths and children of tomorrow, without education the root becomes faulty, so please let the government set a date for when they would allow students to go back to learn. 

If markets can be opened, and these markets are always crowded, then there are nothing stopping schools from opening. 

A guideline should be set for schools by the government and then if it is my following. The government can take action.

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