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FG Should consider Schools and Worship centers Before lifting market Ban (Opinion).

The federal government of Nigerian lifted the look down of market activities, after the third national lock down in May. It is very important for government to consider the needs of her peoples, and that was why markets activities have to open for at least three time in a week.

The point now is " if markets can resume then every other activities should resume as well". Although the major reason why these markets are open is to enable people have access to food and other essentials needs of life.

But the fact still remains that opening markets activities at this time is contradicting the whole essences of the lock down policy that was initiated by government. This is because market in an informal place that does not have enforcing laws on customers/buyers, and people are contacting the virus through it, confirmed cases are increase daily. It is most difficult place to keep or practice the established guidelines of constituted authorities. Unlike the schools and and religious centers where rules and regulations are adhere to.

For the fact that school is still locked down it is affecting the growth of our economy, it have increase the rate of employment and suffering in the society and also affecting the children intellectually.

If market can open then every other sectors should open as well, because market is the more easy place to get coronavirus.

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