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A Black Reading On A Train Allegedly Refused Allowing A White Man Without Face Mask Sit Beside Him.

Since coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the way and manner people relate with other people has changed. People are now too conscious of the people they meet outside and when they meet them, they avoid shaking hands, touching them or even hugging them. Coronavirus pandemic has introduced another kind of lifestyle for people, no longer do we go to the movies like we used to, or fun parks, not even the eateries are allowed to entertain people, coronavirus has affected businesses both negatively and positively. While some business are not making money, some are cashing out big time. We have become very conscious of our surroundings now, more than ever before. The things people were taking seriously in the past, has become a thing of concern now.

A black man, who was captured on video reading a book on a train, has refused allowing anyone not having a face mask on, sit beside him on a train. A white man, who boarded the train without a face mask, was denied sitting beside the black. The moment he walked in and was approaching the space on the right side of the black man, the black man quickly put his right leg there, he left and was going to the left hand side, immediately the man splitter his two legs on both sides of the seat

The white man couldn't help but had to quietly walk away, to look for somewhere else he could sit. The black man, who has a face mask on and a book in his hands, felt fulfilled and satisfied on what he did to the white man as he wasn't remorseful. Now, I'm thinking if this was done to a black man, by a white man, would it have been considered fair or right?

In your own opinion, kindly tell us or should I say, share your thoughts with us. Has the black man violated the rights of the white man? How well could he have handled the situation better?

Watch the video here

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