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Extra Fit Old Man: Checkout The Mind-Blowing Exercise 71 Years Old Prince Charles Does Every Day.

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne is far more active than you would expect. At age 71, he has proven to be more fit than an average 23 years old through his daily workout routine.

According to the Telegraph, the heir apparent is a fan of the Royal Canadian Air force's five basic exercises (5BX), an 11-minute workout routine that contributed to his speedy recovery from the COVID-19 virus earlier this year.

The prince reportedly does the 5BX exercises twice daily along with his daily walk.

His wife, Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cornwall attested to his fitness during a recent interview with the BBC when she said "He is probably the fittest man of his age I know".

She also said that he was so agile as a mountain goat that he actually leaves everybody miles behind. His son, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge also described him as a mad walker.

Though there are multiple routines of the 5BX regime based on age and fitness level, the full routine of the 5BX exercise include: Stretches for 2 minutes, Sit-ups for 1 minute, Back and leg raises for 1 minute, Push-ups for 1 minute, Run-on the spot and Doing 10 eagle jumps for every 75 steps for 6 minutes.

The prince's workout routine basically gives us an insight into how the British royals manage to live so long. It is worth knowing that the Prince's parents – Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are still hale and healthy despite them being older than 90 at 94 years and 99 years respectively.

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