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Could coronavirus have been reduced by 95% if China acted three weeks earlier?

The funny answer: No. Look at the US and European countries. They knew about viruses three months ago, and what do they look like now?

The serious answer: No. Unless China can wipe out all the viruses within its borders, it outbreaks somewhere eventually. Before that, the more successful China's control is, the less seriously western nations will take it.

So, If CCP had heeded early warnings from Chinese doctors and nurses and had taken immediate action to contain the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus in mid December of 2019, this disease would be have contained locally. The World would have been spared this pandemic, and tens of millions of people would not have been sickened and millions+ would not have to die from it.

Then again,  It could have been reduced by 100% if they acted at ground zero assuming the source is only in China. This logic also applies to any other countries in the world. With this logic, every transmission disease is preventable. You need to compare the response time historically. Yet I don't see any evidence suggesting China lost in the race of response time, especially comparing to H1N1.

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