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Coronavirus Symptom Tracker App Reveals There Are 6 Distinct Types of Covid-19 Infections

Scientists from King's College London have analyzed the data from the widely used Coronavirus symptom-tracking app. As a result, they have found that there are six distinct types of the disease, distinguished by a cluster of symptoms.

The team of researchers also found that the six types also correlated with levels of severity of virus infection, along with the likelihood of a patient needing help with breathing, including ventilator treatment, if they are admitted to a hospital.

The British scientists believe that this finding would help the doctors to understand which Coronavirus patient is at the most risk and likely need hospital care in the future waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Dr Claire Steves, who co-led the study, said, "If you can predict who these people are at Day Five," doctors will have time to give them required support and early interventions such as monitoring blood oxygen and sugar levels, ensuring that they are properly hydrated.

What the App Data Revealed?

Apart from fever, cough, and loss of smell — which are known as the key symptoms of novel Coronavirus infection — the app data, analyzed by the scientists, has revealed other symptoms such as headaches, diarrhea, muscle pains, loss of appetite, fatigue, confusion, and breathing difficulties. As per the study, the outcome also varied significantly, as some people developed mild flu-like symptoms or a rash, others suffered acute symptoms or died.


The study, which was published this week but not peer-reviewed by independent scientists, has described the six COVID-19 types as:As per the researchers, the patients who fall under 4,5, 6 types are more likely to be admitted to a hospital facility and may need respiratory support.

However, recently Spanish researchers have found another symptom of Coronavirus that can go easily unnoticed as the people don't know about. As per the researchers, enanthem is another symptom that was noticed in 29 percent of the patients they studied. This is a kind of mouth rash which occurs in some viral infections.

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