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Federal Govt Should Rescue The Private Schools, As Fast As Possible To Avoid The Looming Danger

The Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with the federal Ministry of Education, should as fast as possible rescue the private school system in Nigeria, to avoid the looming danger that lies ahead our education system in Nigeria.

The private schools that we have in Nigeria today are more in number, than the public schools that we have. They are really doing enough, to sustain our educational system in Nigeria. Since the inception of Covid19, it has been really rough for this sector, as many of them have been able to pay their teachers for the past 4 months.

In order to survive during this pandemic majority of the teachers have gone hawking in the streets, begging and do many other menial jobs, as to sustain their lives, while their colleagues in public schools are earning salaries irrespective of the lockdown of educational system in Nigeria.

If the private school system in Nigeria crashes today, the available public schools cannot handle the number of students, that we have in Nigeria and definitely there's going to be crisis, in our educational system. This is the more reason why Federal Government, should come in and assist in funding public schools, during this lockdown period, pending when it will be over.

If these funding does not come as fast as possible, I am afraid the danger that lie ahead of our educational system in Nigeria, cannot be managed.

A case study is Ogun state, I live within Agbara Industrial Estate, what we have around this place is to public primary schools, while we have more than 70 private schools, if the 70 private schools crash and more than 7000 students join the 2 public schools, I wonder what will happen. I pray that such may not happen. Government should act fast during this lockdown.

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