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Ayo and Teo Unknowingly Predicted The Future.

Anybody familiar with Usher's "No Limit" music video, and the trend of cute bear facemask, before the Covid-19 pandemic, would probably be familiar with Ayo & Teo.

For the benefit of those who do not know Ayo & Teo, here's a brief introduction.

Ayo (Ayleo Bowles) & Teo (Mateo Bowles) are brothers, with Ayo (born October 30, 1996) being the eldest & Teo (born August 29, 1999) being the youngest. These brothers are a duo of dancers and musicians from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although, their home town Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States. This duo of dancers & musicians have been active since 2014 till now. They are signed to Columbia Record Label, Zone 4, and Sho'Nuff Digital. They have appeared in Usher's "No Limit" and Chris Brown's "Party" music videos respectively. They released their song, titled "Rolex", in March, 2017, and it peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

They started gaining popularity after appearing on Usher's "No Limit" music video. They were known for wearing bear facemasks in their dance videos and it turned out to be their trademark. Although, wearing facemask for fashion already existed, but these brothers played a huge role in increasing the trend of wearing facemask (especially the bear facemask) for fashion.

The trend of wearing facemask for fashion was all over the world. People uploaded pictures & videos of themselves wearing facemask on social media platform, and somehow gradually became the in-thing. Snapchat even include cute facemask filters (including the bear facemask) to the tray of filters on their app.

Haven read how they contributed to making the act of wearing facemask more popular, one must have already guesses what they unknowingly predicted.

The lifestyle COVID-19 brought for us.

These brothers were wearing facemasks for fun and fashion, little did they know a time would come where wearing facemasks would become a way of living. Their trademark of wearing facemasks became popular in 2017 and Covid-19 came in 2019. That is, in less than 3 years, wearing facemask became mandatory.

Ayo & Teo were not seers, neither did they have an inkling of what the future holds. The act of wearing facemask, which they made even more popular, became a compulsory thing for the whole world to do.

Life is just full of wonders.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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