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How Could Uzodinma's Prosperity Administration Have Non Payment As A Policy (Opinion)


In spite of all sorts of abuses, insults, threats, intimidations and harassments from fellow Imolites for reporting the matters arising from this current regime in Imo State, I report only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Woe is me if I ever report lies against this already failed regime!

In this edition of my short essays series, am led to report on my findings on the strange debts owed by this regime which it shouldn't owe. It's a debt that soils and darkens the image of a person. Thus, the image of this regime has been soiled and darkened by involving itself in such indebtedness.

A man was given money by a woman. The money belongs to another woman known to the man. To save time of going all the way to give the money to the woman she owed the money, this woman decided to give the money to this man, believing he would deliver the money straight to the woman that he was thankfully asked to deliver it to.

Now, days after the money message was given to this man, the woman that was owed money went to her fellow woman to demand for her money. Then, she was told that the money was given to the man for onward transmission to her. Both women went to the man to take the money since he failed to deliver it. From days, to weeks, to months now, the man, to his shame and disgrace, has refused to deliver the money to the owner.

In the foregoing analogy, the woman that gave the money to the man is the Federal Government. The man is this regime. The woman that's owed the money are the various agencies of government like National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (ISOPADEC), and the registered contractors that worked for the Imo State Universal Basic Education Board (IMSUBEB). Do you understand?

The connectivity is that in each case, specified amount of money was handed to this regime to ensure it reaches the respective bodies. But in each case, the regime allegedly withheld the money entrusted to it.

The NULGE recently complained that its statutory money, which was duly given out by the Federal Government and duly received by this regime, wasn't released to them for months.

The ISOPADEC recently in a protest at the Government House, Owerri, recounted how certain percents of statutory revenue that accrued to it and already received by the regime didn't get to them as they should.

Just this Tuesday, July 14, 2020, a group of people bearing placards on protest at the offices of IMSUBEB in Owerri, who introduced themselves as registered contractors that worked for IMSUBEB, inter alia, complained that their contract money released by relevant authorities in Abuja and domiciled in Zenith Bank in Imo State, requiring final authorization by this regime to be paid, has remained unpaid.

The experiences of NULGE, ISOPADEC, and IMSUBEB contractors in the hands of this regime over money that was already received on their behalf by this regime, but which the regime refused to release appropriately has further exposed the regime as having a plan of impoverishing Imo people with non-payment policy.

How could a regime have "non-payment" as a policy? Imo workers aren't paid as and when due. Teachers aren't paid because, according to the regime, they don't teach anything during Covid-19 pandemic. Imo pensioners aren't paid as and when due. NULGE, ISOPADEC and contractors to IMSUBEB aren't paid as and when due.

 All the contractors that were mobilized to road construction sites across Imo State by the Ihedioha administration have all packed their equipment and machinery and left the sites because this regime refused to pay them. 

Even Commissioners and all other appointees of this regime aren't being paid as and when due! That's in spite of all the alleluia for imaginary and anticipated shared prosperity! All because of the strange non-payment policy of this regime!

All of the evidences of the non-payment policy of the current regime in Imo State have immediate and remote economic implications for the people of Imo State. Poverty. Disease. Sickness. Death. All are in the offing in Imo State, if the non-payment policy of this regime is allowed to gain taproot.

But above all, it has expectedly showcased the very bad status and culture of a chronic debtor which this regime has avoidably created for itself. I speak and write like a true and well-meaning citizen of Imo State!

Let every true, well-meaning Imolite join in shooing away this chicken that's scattering and scavenging on excreta of non-payment policy with its toes, because nobody knows who will eat those toes when the chicken is done for eating. Truth is bitter! But it must be told by few and heard by most, and listened to by many!

By God's grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!p

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IMO Imolites Uzodinma


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