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See list of websites you can visit to learn any professional course for free

Visit the below microsoft blog to register and learn for free any professional course choice of yours.


Please read (or skip) to the bottom, there are links to free LinkedIn Learning Paths to become an expert in the below listed courses.

These are the list of professional courses (Hard skills) you can undertake to make you a step ahead in your career:

A)Software Developer

B)Sales Representative

C)Project Manager

D)IT (Information Technology) Administrator

E)Customer Service Specialist

F)Digital Marketing Specialist

G)IT Support or Helpdesk

H)Data Analyst

I)Financial Analyst

J)Graphic Designer

K) Digital Marketing

2)Visit to learn Graphic design from world experts.

3)You can also visit to learn Graphic design to the fullest.

4)Visit Google skills for Africa ( to learn how to ba a sales representative, project manager, time management, customer service specialist, data analyst, IT administrator, IT support, digital marketing and many more.

5)You can as well follow a specialized channel on YouTube that offer the skill you would love to learn.

The above immediate picture shows or represent soft skills that can also be learn for optimum efficiency in your work place. They range from effective communication, interpersonal relationship, time management, team management or team work, leadership and so on.

You have to LEARN before you EARN, start learning!.

I found this information relevant to every Nigerian and anybody who wants to upgrade his skills or perhaps, learn a new skill.

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