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My Success Story As An Opera News Hub Content Creator

Good day guys, hope your doing great. This is my story.

My journey as an opera news hub content creator started in the month of June, 2020. It was in the heat of the lockdown as a result of the corona virus pandemic that I went on my adventure to find cash without having to invest any, because at that time I was really down on cash.

I ventured into many earning activities via online sites which promised payment, hoping to get paid. Some turned out to be scams and others proved to be legit but payment was real slow, some are in the process till now. This continued until one day while I was going through the opera mini articles news feed and then a question came into my mind, who is actually writing all this many articles? I then looked closer and below one of the articles I saw opera news hub creator. As an inquisitive guy in need of cash, I quickly searched for how to be an opera news hub creator on Google, got my answer and signed up immediately as a writer.

My account as a writer took a couple of days before approval, after which I started writing articles. As a noobie on the platform my first article was rejected based on the fact that it was an advertisement, I learnt my lesson and continued writing.

I happened to have written only 8 articles in the month of June, but I was gladdened when I received my first ever payment on 15th, July 2020, which was for the month of June. It is shown in the screenshot below.

I was very glad to have been paid and all my doubts have been erased. I made a decision from that moment to write more articles with greater quality.

I also want to advice all present and future opera news hub writers out there, to put more effort in writing standard articles to keep readers updated with good information from the Opera news platform.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to like and share with others.😊😊. I would love to hear your views about this post, in the comment section below.

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Content created and supplied by: richardopora (via Opera News )



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