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CORONA VIRUS: Despite Its Increase And Spread Globally, Here Are Some Countries That Have No Cases.

The ravaging Corona virus came into being in December 2019. It originated from China before it gradually spread across nations of the world and metamorphosed into a global pandemic. Corona virus has spread across over 188 countries of the world. The virus, which caused the illness is known as COVID-19.

It have been scientifically proven, the virus which leads to respiratory illness can be transmitted from droplets of bodily fluids, such as mucus, saliva, and also body contact with an infected person.

Several precautionary measures has been put in place by scientists, health officials and governments across the world to combat this deadly pandemic, such as practicing physical distancing, sanitizing or washing of hands regularly with soap and clean water, mandatory use of face mask in public place.

However, despite these necessary guidelines to curtail its spread globally, the increase continue to sky scrape. According to data compiled, statistic shows more than 13 million people have been infected globally, and death toll globally is more than 578,000. More than 7.3 million patients have recovered from the virus.

Inspite of the continuous spread of COVID-19 globally, there are a handful o countries that have not yet reported any cases.

Here are a few countries that have not reported any cases of the Corona virus so far.

1. Marshall Island.

2. Micronesia.

3. Nauru.

4. North Korea.

5. Palau.

6. Samoa.

7. Solomon Island.

8. Turkmenistan.

9. Tuvalu.

10. Vanuatu.

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