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Important notice from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to all Nigerians

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) via Social Media passed an important notice to all Nigerian concerning Covid-19 situation in Nigeria.

How the virus is contacted, the symptoms, ways to prevent and customer care hotline were all passed across to all Nigerians.

COVID-19 is primarily spread via respiratory droplets from infected people 

A face shield alone cannot protect you. Remember to always wear a face mask when in public places & maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.

Symptoms of Covid-19

Do you know COVID-19 is not malaria?

If you have COUGH or FEVER & 1 of these symptoms:

- Loss of taste/smell

- Difficulty breathing

- Diarrhea

- Catarrh

- Fatigue

- Shivering

- Body pain

- Headache

- Sore throat

Call your state hotline:

Every State hotline in Nigeria

Below is the Soth-South NCDC hotlines

For Nigerians in South-East Zone

For Nigerians in North-West Zone

NCDC hotlines of North-East region

NCDC hotline numbers for Nigerians in North-Central

South-West zone has the most cases in Nigeria, citizens staying in this region should have this number saved on their phone should in case of emergency.

Ensure you call this numbers immediately you or any one closer to you have symptoms has stated above. The quicker the person get tested, the better it is for the family.

Ways to prevent Covid-19

- Preventing Covid-19 at worship center

At your place of worship make sure to adhere strictly to guidelines including

Hand hygiene

Physical distancing

Avoiding the sharing of personal items

Remember, it's better to worship at home to protect yourself & loved ones from COVID19.

- Preventing Covid-19 at workplace

How can you reduce risk of #COVID19 spread in the workplace❓

#TakeResponsibility by:

✅ Conducting temperature checks

✅ Ensuring use of face masks 

✅ Observe physical distancing

✅ Observe hand hygiene frequently

The fight against #COVID19 requires a collective effort.

Protect others as they Take responsibility to protect you

✅Wear a face mask 😷

✅Observe physical distancing🧍‍♀️  🧍

✅Wash your hands frequently with soap and water 🧼

Wearing a face mask reduces the risk of spreading #COVID19 to those around you unknowingly.

Do not put others at risk. Take Responsibility to protect them- wear a face mask, observe physical distancing and wash your hands frequently.

Content created and supplied by: Mrkayjosh (via Opera News )

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