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Checkout this young Nigerian boy that won a Harvard debate competition in a grand style in history

Nigerians are known for being brainy,smart and sharp in academics even around the world. Its been weeks since Madufuokwa Agnes emerged as the best jamb candidate this year and another surfaces again as two lovely kids emerges the best in Atlanta


Beautiful as the first black girl and youngest boy to win Harvard debate competition in a grand style in history

The teen you see here is named Christian Flournoy. He was born on September 27,1989.Christian came back to his birth country, Nigeria in 2011and got his PhD at the University of Lagos in Mathematics within the space of three years. That makes him the youngest student with a Doctorate degree in Africa in the field at the age of 24.

Christian who happened to have gotten his Bachelor's degree at the age of 14,'double Bachelor's degree at 17 before he went ahead to get his Masters in mathematics and physics at 19.

It was also noted that he got two Master's as a teenager making his case a very special case in the central of African Republic.

The girl named Madison Webb together with Christian made a strong team of debaters from Atlanta,has made history after winning Harvard's international debate competition.

This exciting news was declared by the Harvard Diversity Project reporting that it has become the third consecutive year that Atlanta based Harvard Diversity Project sends home championship from its competition.

It was so exciting to know that the formidable team that composed Madison and Christian was declared victorious by the panel of judges in a perfect 5-0 ballot. Atlanta's Harvard Diversity project(HDP) was instituted for this purpose so that high school students can participate in different activities sponsored through Ivy League University.

Furthermore, the founder of Slum schools, Oho Orodaam proferred a very big solution to the problem of learning in this period when children are forced out of school cos of corona virus.

Isn't it a nice move?He went further to announce that his organization has made it possible for 948 kids to learn remotely with their first virtual classroom in Africa.

All the same,school isn't a scam,just chill and wait for your turn

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