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Lessons to be learnt from this Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the worse virus outbreak the world has ever witnessed. Everybody thought it was over after the coming of Ebola in 2014.

Some people lost their lives not only because they were infected but some died out of hunger, frustration, lack of money and much more.

As the world gradually heals from this unseen enemy, as life restores back to normal there are lessons this pandemic has thought us.

Firstly, many people were not prepared for it. Not in the sense of knowing the virus was going to come. I mean financially. Now some people depended on their place of work for their money so much that when everything was shut down, they had no other means of income. Which resulted into poverty in a matter of months. Always have a side hustle. Never I repeat Never depend on only one source of income. You never know the day that one may close down.

Secondly, Save. Always have a small reserve that you can trust even when everything might not be going accordingly. Whether you are a career person or a business person make sure you save at least 10% of your total income/ salary.

Lastly, learn a skill. Like now those who learnt one beneficial skill or the other are at a greater advantage this period. Take the hairdressers, the mechanics, the shoe repairers and so on. No matter how small the money is, they can assure food on their table at least once in a day.

These are the major lessons learnt. I hope you will abide by them for future purposes.

Thanks for reading.

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